Snooze Soundly With These 10 Best Night Lights, According to Sleep Experts (2024)

Snooze Soundly With These 10 Best Night Lights, According to Sleep Experts (1)

Night lights can be essential for midnight bathroom visits to avoid banging your knee against furniture or tripping over a sleeping pet. They're also great to have on hand to illuminate hallways and guest bathrooms when a friend or your in-laws visit. For others, a bit of light in the bedroom can create a calming effect.

“Some people find that having a dim light in the bedroom can provide a sense of comfort,” says Shelby Harris, a clinical psychologist specializing in behavioral sleep medicine.

How do you go about finding the best night light to use? To help you out, we spoke to three sleep experts: Harris, Valerie Cacho, M.D., integrative sleep physician, women’s sleep expert, and CEO of Sleephoria, and Harly Greenberg, M.D., FCCP, FAASM, medical director of the Northwell Health Sleep Disorders Center in Lake Success, New York.

Taking in their advice, we researched the category to find best night lights for your home, considering budget, age, and quality in mind.

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Why You Should Get It

  • It’s a portable night light with a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

Keep in Mind

  • It’s smaller than it appears in the listing photos.

Despite the fact that this is made with babies in mind, the Vava Baby Night Light is an ideal option for all ages. It’s a multifunctional night light that’s simple to use with a touch control system. It’s also portable and lightweight so you can bring it to any room you need. You can set it on a nightstand or wherever you prefer without being restricted to an area with an outlet. No need to charge it every day either, since the rechargeable battery is expected to last 100 hours.

A big perk of the Vava Baby Night Light is it’s dimmable through a tap, allowing you to set it to a brightness you are comfortable with. Plus, you can switch to the RGB color mode and choose between one of eight calming colors if you prefer a different night light color.

Don’t need the light the entire night? A button allows you to access the energy-saving sleep mode, which shuts off the light after an hour.

The egg-shaped night light is just a bit smaller in person than it appears online. But overall, it’s a great option, whether you’re on your own or have young kids in the house since it’s made with safety in mind.

Product Details: Dimensions: 3.66 x 4.72 x 3.66 inches | Power source: USB-rechargeable | Lumens: Not listed | Extra Features: Dimmable RGB light

Why You Should Get It

  • It has a light sensor and comes in a pack of two.

Keep in Mind

  • It’s not as bright as other night lights.

Two for the price of one is always hard to beat, but the GE Automatic LED Night Light also has a few more perks to offer. It’s LED, meaning this night light is long-lasting, energy efficient, and emits less heat. It’s also UL listed, meaning it meets nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards.

The light sensor is another plus since you don’t have to remember to plug it in at night and unplug it in the morning. On top of that, the simple design can work well in any room, including bedrooms, hallways, and bathrooms. The dome shape also makes this night light trendy to boot.

One downside is it’s fairly dim, so it may not be the best night light option for someone who prefers brighter light.

Product Details: Dimensions: 2.05 x 3.56 x 1.79 inches | Power source: Plug-in | Lumens: Not listed | Extra Features: Energy efficient, light sensor

Why You Should Get It

  • Along with having a night light feature, it’s also a wake-up light.

Keep in Mind

  • It requires a tabletop and is bigger than your average night light.

Those looking to enhance both their bedtime and morning routine may want to consider the Philips SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up Light. Dr. Cacho is a fan of the adjustable light features on this machine.

The bedside lamp’s midnight light setting functions as a night light that turns on only when you need it by a simple tap on the top of the machine. The soft light is enough to help you navigate without being too overpowering in the middle of the night.

The night light feature is just a small part of what this gadget has to offer. There’s also a sunset simulation to get you ready to sleep and a sunrise one that gradually brings light into your bedroom in the morning. Research shows sunrise alarm clocks can improve sleep quality and reduce stress and burnout. What’s more, there are also several natural wake-up sounds, meaning you can start the day hearing birds or feeling like you’re in the forest. And Dr. Cacho points out there’s a light-guided breathing option to help you sleep. “The guided breathing is a great feature because as we slow down our breath it improves relaxation by turning on the parasympathetic system,” she explains.

One thing to note: The device is bigger than an average night light and requires a tabletop. It also requires a lot more setup and hands-on use compared to a simple plug-in.

Product Details: Dimensions: 8.8 x 8.6 x 4.7 inches | Power source: ‎Corded electric | Lumens: Not listed | Extra Features: FM radio, tap snooze, and automatic dimmable display

Why You Should Get It

  • It’s also an alarm clock, sound machine, and sleep trainer.

Keep in Mind

  • It works with an AC adapter power cord, which could be a safety hazard for younger children.

The Little Hippo Mella is easy to use and its playful look makes it an adorable addition to a child’s bedroom. It currently comes in four colors—teal, purple, pink, and blue—giving kids a few options to choose from.

This gadget offers much more than just a night light. It works as an alarm clock, sound machine, nap timer, and sleep trainer. The latter can be invaluable for parents as the Little Hippo Mella uses facial expressions and colors to remind kids when it’s bedtime and time to wake up. The aim is to encourage little ones to get into a consistent sleep routine and stay put before the sunrise—letting parents get more sleep too! But these additional functions are best suited for when kids are at least 2 years of age.

Parents should keep in mind the Little Hippo Mella does not work with a rechargeable battery and uses an AC adapter power cord so extra safety measures may need to be taken, especially for younger children.

Product Details: Dimensions: 4.25 x 4.5 x 4.25 inches | Power source: ‎Corded electric | Lumens: Not listed | Extra Features: Sound machine and alarm clock

Why You Should Get It

  • It’s small and energy-saving, plus it gives off enough light to walk around in the dark.

Keep in Mind

  • There’s no motion detector feature and the bulbs aren’t replaceable.

The Sycees LED Night Light is a versatile night light because it’s compact and can work well in any room or hallway. “It provides the right amount of soft, gentle light to navigate around in the dark,” Dr. Harris says.

Another perk is its built-in dusk-to-dawn sensor, meaning the night light automatically turns on at night and off in the morning. You can also adjust the brightness to your liking through an easy-to-use dimmer.

This night light doesn’t have a motion sensor though, so it won’t work for anyone who prefers that the light turns off once they leave a room. The bulbs also aren’t replaceable so you’ll have to throw the light out once it’s burned out.

Plus, a four-pack for an affordable price makes this a solid pick for those on a budget. You can use the extra lights in other rooms or place them down a longer hallway to illuminate it at night.

Product Details: Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 2 inches | Power source: Plug-in | Lumens: Not listed | Extra Features: ‎Energy efficient, dimmable, smart light sensor

Why You Should Get It

  • You can adjust the brightness, and it comes in a pack of two.

Keep in Mind

  • You can’t turn off the night light without unplugging it.

Unlike many other models, you have the option to dim or brighten the Maz-tek Plug-in LED Night Light through a switch, easily making it a best night light option. “The adjustable brightness feature on this night light allows you to customize the level of illumination, providing a comfortable and calming light for sleep or relaxation,” Dr. Harris explains.

Despite the dimmer, there is no option to fully turn off the night light without unplugging it, and since there’s a dusk-to-dawn sensor, it will automatically turn on once it gets dark.

This little night light will also bring some style into your bedroom, bathroom, or hallway with its rounded, slim design.

Product Details: Dimensions: ‎2.79 x 2.76 x 0.7 inches | Power source: Plug-in | Lumens: 25 | Extra Features: Dimmable

Why You Should Get It

  • It works on any wall texture and doesn’t make noise.

Keep in Mind

  • You’ll need to download an app to use all the features.

Those who prefer a light show to drift off to sleep may want to consider the Blisslights Sky Lite Evolve. It projects a starry scene of pastel shades in reds, blues, pinks, and purples across your bedroom, a feature that many find relaxing.

The galaxy projector covers up to 30 by 30 feet and has a full 360-degree rotation, allowing you to rotate it in whatever direction you prefer. The average lifetime of the product is expected to be about 50,000 hours.

One thing to note: It’s best to use this projector with its BlissHome app (available for iPhone and Android) as you can control it through your phone and unlock special features. The app, which can sync to Google Home and Amazon Alexa, is also where you’ll find the instructions.

Product Details: Dimensions: 4.72 x 5.31 x 4.72 inches | Power source: ‎Corded electric | Lumens: Not listed | Extra Features: ‎WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity

Why You Should Get It

  • It has a backlit design and features two modes.

Keep in Mind

  • The dimmer feature isn’t manually adjustable.

We like the Casper Glow Night Light for its chic design and easy-to-use features. This night light has two modes that you can easily control from a switch in the back. The night owl mode switches on the motion sensor, making it useful for your bathroom, hallway, or kitchen, while the sleep mode enables the light to turn on once the room gets dark thanks to an ambient light sensor. But you can’t manually dim this night light. Instead, it brightens once it detects motion and dims when movement has stopped.

Since it comes in a pack of two, you can use both in opposite modes in the same room or spread the night lights throughout your home. The backlit design gives it a stylish touch, too, making it easier on the eyes.

Product Details: Dimensions: 2.3 x 2.3 x 1.3 inches| Power source: Plug-in | Lumens: Not listed | Extra Features: Dimmable

Why You Should Get It

  • It comes loaded with features like a sound machine and clock.

Keep in Mind

  • It’s on the pricier side and is easier to operate with a Wi-Fi connection and the Hatch Sleep app.

This features-packed gadget is one of the best night light options for a baby’s nursery. There’s a sound machine offering ocean, rain, heartbeat, and more soothing noises, and a sleep library with songs and stories, though you’ll need a membership to access the latter.

When it comes to the night light, you can choose from infinite colors or preset favorites, giving variety and freedom to alternate between preferred shades. You can set the light to range of brightness levels or turn it off completely.

Although it’s on the pricier side, this machine grows with your child so they can keep using it as they get older. The night light includes a time-to-rise function letting your kid know it’s time to get out of bed, and when kids learn to tell time, the LED clock will come in handy, too. The device is also rechargeable making it easy to move it from room to room if desired, before placing it back on the charger.

Another great perk for parents is you can control the machine through an app from anywhere.

Product Details: Dimensions: 4.2 x 6.61 x 4.2 inches | Power source: Corded electric, rechargeable | Lumens: Not listed | Extra Features: Sound machine color choices, dimmable, time-to-rise option, WiFi controlled, and LED clock

Why You Should Get It

  • The offset design keeps your second outlet free to plug in other items.

Keep in Mind

  • It’s on the brighter side, so it might not be ideal for bedrooms.

Those who find themselves in the bathroom at 2 a.m. will want to try the Yunlex Red Night Light. It gives off enough light to safely navigate your way around the bathroom without stubbing your toe. We also like that the compact, offset design doesn’t block the second outlet, keeping it free to plug in other items like hair dryers or air fresheners.

This LED night light comes in six color options and requires no maintenance—just plug it in. Another plus: It comes in a pack of two.

For those wanting a night light on the dimmer side, this one might feel too bright, even on its dimmest setting. However, for a room where you won’t be sleeping, like a bathroom, the extra light can help you see a bit better.

Product Details: Dimensions: ‎2.64 x 2.64 x 2.56 inches | Power source: ‎Plug-in electric | Lumens: Not listed | Extra Features: Automatic dawn-to-dusk illumination

The Bottom Line

The best night light option is the Vava Baby Night Light. Of course it works well for babies and kids, but this night light can be just as useful for adults. It’s lightweight, has a recharging battery, and is portable so you can use it in any room of your house.

What to Know About Night Lights Before Shopping

Power Source

The best night lights come in several power sources, including battery powered, USB rechargeable, corded electric, and plug in. It really comes down to preference and safety (see more on that below). If you’re looking for flexibility, a portable night light is your best option so you can place it anywhere in your home—no outlet required. But if you’re someone who’s likely to forget to charge a night light or to buy extra batteries, you may want to opt for a plug-in pick. Keep in mind, night lights are typically a low-powered light source, with some using even less than a watt.

These Rechargeable Batteries Will Save You Money and Cut Down on Waste


Night lights come in a variety of styles. There are simple no-fuss plug-ins and chic cordless devices that double as trendy nightstand accessories, white noise machines, and alarm clocks. For young sleepers, night lights also come in different shapes like kittens, stars, and shells—although there’s no harm in adults enjoying those, too. Some of the best night lights also work as projectors, which can create illusions like a starry night sky.

Extra Features

Some of the best night lights keep it simple, while others come loaded with features. If you’re looking for a night light with extra perks, you can choose from ones that have different color hues, a sound machine, a time-to-rise option, and a motion detector. Some even work via an app on your smartphone so that you can adjust your night light—or the one in your child’s room—right from your device.


Certain night lights may pose a threat to toddlers. When shopping for one, parents should keep safety in mind. “Avoid devices with cables that kids can get tangled in or electrocute themselves,” Dr. Cacho advises. “A battery-powered device would be safer.”

Your Questions, Answered

What is the best color night light for sleep?

Warm-toned lights, especially red or amber colors, are the best options for a night light, regardless of age.

“These colors have lower levels of cool blue light and are more conducive to sleep,” says Dr. Harris. “Personal preference and individual needs can vary, so it’s important to pick the light color that works the best for you.”

What is a good lumen for a night light?

When it comes to lumens, the lower the level, the better. This can help avoid brightness that may disrupt sleep. “The dimmest possible light that would provide enough light for safety purposes would be recommended,” Dr. Greenberg says.

Dr. Harris agrees, adding that a range of 5 to 50 lumens is usually recommended for night lights, although that can depend on personal preference. “It's important to look for a night light with an adjustable brightness setting to ensure the light is not too bright to disrupt sleep,” she adds.

Is it okay to sleep with a night light on?

Experts agree that a dark room is the best option when it comes to bedtime. Light exposure at night may disrupt sleep and lead to negative health outcomes.

“From a sleep science perspective, it is best to sleep in a dark room as light can block the release of melatonin, a natural hormone that supports our sleep,” Dr. Cacho explains.

But that doesn’t mean a night light is totally out of the question. “If someone doesn't feel comfortable in a dark room, this can affect their ability to relax which can keep them from falling asleep,” Dr. Cacho says. “In this case having a night light can be beneficial to soothe them into sleep.”

Some people may also need a night light for safety reasons. They can bring one into their room by keeping a few tips in mind. “If a night light is needed for safety, it should not be close to the bed,” suggests Harly Greenberg, M.D., FCCP, FAASM, medical director of the Northwell Health Sleep Disorders Center in Lake Success, New York.

Along with placing a night light further from the bed, sleepers should avoid using blue or white lights, which are more stimulating.

Who We Are

Anna Halkidis is a journalist and award-winning editor with more than 10 years of experience covering health and lifestyle content. To make this list of best night lights, she considered features, sleep safety, and ratings. She consulted Shelby Harris, Psy.D., a clinical psychologist specializing in behavioral sleep medicine, and Valerie Cacho, M.D., integrative sleep physician, women’s sleep expert, and CEO of Sleephoria. She also spoke with Harly Greenberg, M.D., FCCP, FAASM, medical director of the Northwell Health Sleep Disorders Center in Lake Success, New York.

Snooze Soundly With These 10 Best Night Lights, According to Sleep Experts (2024)


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